• Are you afraid of mosquitoes?
  • Do you hate it when mosquitoes bite you?
  • Bites are always itching and the swelling is not going away fast enough?
  • Mosquitoes ruined you day?
  • Have you ever seen a mosquito?

A Tiger Mosquito that has just landed to take some of your blood!

If any of the above statements even slightly rings a bell you’ve come to the right place!
As our name already says, we are all about repelling mosquitoes, we hate them even more than you do! Don’t be afraid and join the rebellion against those blood sucking monsters!

Not convinced repelling Mosquitoes is for you?

Okay, so let’s say you are hosting a summer barbeque at your favorite lake house. You have been busy for several days to get all the food and supplies, cleaned the house and so on. You have invited your family, friends and children. Everything seems perfect right! Everybody is going to have a great time enjoying your perfectly marinated and barbequed meat!


What you didn’t know is that there were millions of mosquitoes waiting for all of you to arrive. Maybe they even tapped your phone and planned the whole thing, who knows! When everybody finally arrives, they won’t even wait for them to sit down before they attack! You wouldn’t want that on you conscious now would you, a mosquito invasion! Everybody scratching their arms and legs like a maniac. Some of them might not even have the time to eat the tender barbeque meat!

Before you know it 80% of them have abandoned the outsides and are now sitting inside the lake house while you are outside alone preparing all the food!

Did you know the following things attract mosquitoes (and those are only few of them)?

  • Skin lotion
  • Carbon dioxide (so hold your breath)
  • Sweating
  • Drinking beer (makes you sweat)
  • Light
  • Warmth
  • Salt

So based on those few of the many mosquito attracting things. Which one of them will not apply for your barbeque?

So what can you do?

We have done all the work for you! Check out the information we have gathered for you and eliminate the risk of your barbeque becoming a barbeque for the Mosquitoes!

Be sure to check out at least the following pages (we’ve sorted them with most important first):

  1. Preventing Mosquitoes – Probably the most important of them!
    1. What attracts Mosquitoes - Knowing what they like helps you prevent!
  2. Treating Mosquito Bites – Because you won’t be able to prevent all of them!
    1. Why the Bites Itch – Will help you treat them!
  3. Allergic Reaction(s) – In case something still goes wrong, you’ll know whats going on!

If you have any questions at all don’t be afraid to ask us. We’ll be happy to help out anyone having trouble with anything related to Mosquitoes!

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